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Data Entry Manual (keypunch) from paper forms, using programs that check for and notify the operator when entry is out of allowable ranges.
Scanning Design, production and scanning of forms/questionnaires using TELEFORMtm from Cardiff Software.
Coding Coding of open end responses for tabulation.
Transcription Transcription of open end responses, provided to you as printed reports or electronically in database/spreadsheet file formats. Translation from/to Spanish.
Crosstabs Crosstabs from any data source (paper questionnaires/scannable questionnaires/CATI or Internet questionnaires). Using MENTORtm from Computers for Marketing Corporation, we can create and format virtually any table style report you desire. Options include significance testing, weighting, various percentaging choices, and many more.
Case-by-Case Reports Show data for each record or respondent in a file. Quick & dirty lists of respondent answers or nicely formated reproductions of partial or complete questionnaire data are examples of this type of report.
Data Cleaning Check data for logical consistency, for data entry or interviewing errors. Edit and/or remove data records as necessary. (This is part of our normal tabulation services, but can be done as the only service on a project.)
Data Recoding/ Merging/Extraction Manipulate data to your heart's content: re-format it; merge-purge on mailing lists or research samples; random or specific sub-samples; merge external data. MENTORtm and our other vertical and mass market software tools allow us virtually limitless manipulation capabilities.
Multivariate Statistics Regressions, correlations, factor analyses, and more.
File Formats All output (crosstabs / open end (verbatim) reports / other reports) is available in most popular word processing, spreadsheet, database, html or other file formats.
Electronic Data Transmission These days everything gets delivered electronically, via email attachments or other internet facilities. But, ....
Magnetic/Optical Media We can easily provide the output to all of our processing services listed above on magnetic or optical media.
  Paper We'll even ship paper printouts of any of our output to you.


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